“The greatest wealth is health”


Massage Oils


Read below to learn about the services offered at Balanced Bodywork. Each service fits a specific need, so find the one that most aligns with how you are currently feeling.

Hands On Massage - Medium pressure massage delivered by the hands.

Deep Tissue - Deep pressure massage delivered by the therapist's hands & feet. 

Reflexology - Light/Medium pressure. Work to the reflexes in the feet. 

Meditative Massage - Light/Medium pressure. Focused on Energy and Healing. 

Service timeframes:

60 minutes - A full body restorative massage with no specific areas of work. Or a session focused around 1 specific area of discomfort.

75 minutes - A full body restorative massage with 1 specific area of work. 

90 minutes - A full body massage with time for 2 focus areas. (depending on the severity.) Or a session for deep relaxation. 


Sessions available:

60 minutes - $70

75 minutes - $85

90 minutes - $100

-Therapeutic Massage these sessions are focused on Pain Relief.

(Includes muscle tension, nerve pain, injuries, and decreased mobility.) Each session is centered around the specific area(s) of discomfort.

-Relaxation Massage has more benefits than most people realize. 

These sessions are focused on the effects that massage has on the nervous system, lymphatic system, and your emotional well-being. 

They are great for self care, stress reduction, celebrations, preparing for an event, meditation/sound therapy, and maintenance between therapeutic sessions.


Sessions available:

60 minutes - $85

75 minutes - $100

90 minutes - $115

2 hours - $145 - (Available upon request)

Deep Tissue Barefoot Massage is focused on pain relief and is delivered by the therapist’s feet. 

Using the broad surface of the foot and the weight of the therapist's body, provides the ability to deliver consistent, firm/deep pressure. The combination of a slow paced massage and consistent firm pressure, encourages the muscles to let go without strain.

This therapy is for clients who desire to work on a specific area of discomfort in their body. And/or the person who appreciates deep pressure during their massage. 

Many clients have reported back about feeling better for longer periods of times, sleeping better, and improving in physical activities.


Sessions available:

60 minutes - $60

Gentle work to the reflex points + Foot Massage 

In Reflexology it is believed that there are specific areas of the foot (reflex points) that correspond to organs and systems in the body. And by working on those points it stimulates the body's natural ability to heal itself. 

This is a gentle therapy that is geared towards overall wellness. 

 (Can be booked as a 60 minute session or can be added into a 90 minute session.)


Sessions available:

60 minutes - $60

This service is centered around the energy within the body and connecting with self. The bodywork is lighter in pressure. It’s meant to relax the nervous system, and encourage along the lymphatic (immune) system + circulation. It engages your senses, to bring you into the present moment. 

This is the service, for when you want to refresh your body & spirit. I will either massage the full body, or the session can be focused around one area. (Often done as Reflexology, or Scalp/Neck/Shoulder Massage) It’s a very calming session and people often say “their energy feels brighter when they leave.” 

*If you already have a meditation practice, think of this as the perfect place to do so. You can bring your own music, your favorite crystals, a pen and paper. Anything that helps you connect with self. (Aromatherapy via Essential oils, and Sound therapy through tuning forks are available upon request.)

If you are new to meditation, think of this as creating the environment for you to be present with yourself. It’s quiet, comfortable time that you set aside just for YOU. So utilize it! Let yourself feel grounded and stable, speak wellness towards yourself, and breathe into your body.

(This can be booked as an Individual 60 minute session, or can be added into a 90 minute session.)